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  • Flint: Racism & water Turkic World should be our priority! M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU Turkic republics after gaining independence are confronted with heavy economic depression. Old USSR economy was in a structure that connecting all member states. For example, iron ore extracted in Azerbaijan was sent to factories in Georgia to be processed. After Soviet Union collapsed, these connections collapsed also and in addition to other states, Turkic Republics dragged into deep economic depression. These countries left with inactive industrial potential due to inadequacy of financial resources and capital for years were visited by Turkish companies as first foreign investors. More
    Flint: Racism & water IRAQ WAR – THE LASTING LEGACY Martin Clitheroe The recent publication of the Chilcot report in the United Kingdom after a period of six years of taking and sifting through evidence has understandably concentrated on British involvement in the Iraq War, the reasons put forward for becoming involved, the plans (or lack of them) for post war reconstruction More
    Flint: Racism & water More Hot Air? Cevdet Arif Earlier this year, the Greek Cypriot Administration initiated its third round of offshore licensing for the Aphrodite gas field. From the get-go, the prospect of exploiting offshore gas in the Eastern Mediterranean More
    Flint: Racism & water ALL CHANGE AT NO. 10 Donald Lancaster The United Kingdom faces interesting times. David Cameron has gone after 6 years as Prime Minister and another woman has entered Number 10. Theresa May is, perhaps, not awesome, or some would say frightening, as Margaret Thatcher but one gets the impression that she, like her predecessor, is not for turning More